Why Service Here


Why Service Here:

Our focus on quality service and maintenance will help bring peace of mind and ease when it comes to your Volvo. Service here allows for prepaid maintenance plans, the Volvo service advantage, tire advantage, lifetime replacement and easy online service scheduling. 


Prepaid maintenance plan:

Regularly maintaining your Volvo is vital, with our Prepaid Maintenance Plans you are locked in at that day's price which helps reduce out of pocket costs at the time of service.


Service by Volvo: 

Service by Volvo comes with a variety of benefits such as Lifetime Parts Warranty, Free Software Updates, Roadside Assistance, Complimentary Diagnostics and more.


Lifetime replacement:

The Volvo Lifetime Replacement Parts & labor Warranty ensure the each new genuine Volvo replacement part installed by an authorized Volvo dealer will be from defects in material or workmanship to enhance the Volvo ownership experience.


Online Scheduling:

Easy online scheduling allows you to make appointments for routine maintenance, accident repairs and any services in-between. 

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