The weather is heating up, and soon you'll want to take off on a summer road trip or vacation. Make sure you get there safely in your new or used Volvo. Volvo vehicles are renowned for their exceptional passive safety features and cutting-edge driver assistance technology. But even a Volvo can be involved in an accident, especially if you're not a careful driver or you don't keep your vehicle maintained. Read on for some helpful hints from Volvo Cars Cape Cod for safer summer driving.

Thunderstorms can develop quickly in the summer, and your Volvo car, wagon, or SUV could hydroplane on rain-slick roads if you have bad tires. If they don't have much tread left, your tires should be replaced. Volvo Cars Cape Cod carries all major brands of tires, so we're sure to have the right tire at the right size for your Volvo. For improved road grip and handling in the summer, all-season (or performance) tires are recommended. We can find the proper tires for your and our technicians will professionally install them. We also offer new windshield wipers for better visibility in heavy summer downpours.

Summer heat can put enormous stress on your Volvo's brakes. The pads can wear down and prevent your car from stopping as solidly as it should. If you hear squeaks when you come to a stop, it may be wise to bring your Volvo in for brake service. Of course, you don't want your engine to overheat in the scorching summer sun, so make sure you get the oil changed and have your coolant mixture topped off before you take a long trip.

These are just some things to think about for safer summer travels in your Volvo. The service center at Volvo Cars Cape Cod will be glad to inspect your vehicle and make sure its road-trip ready. If you need a new car, we offer a huge selection of new and used Volvos, including certified pre-owned vehicles. Contact Volvo Cars Cape Cod today.