Do You Need Suspension Service?

Going over a speed bump can have tremendous effects on how your vehicle functions each day. When it comes to your suspension, there are a number of things that can go wrong. It might be difficult to address these issues on your own. A professional will want to know things like:
  • Do you feel like you are driving on a bumpy road even when the surface you're on is smooth?
  • Do you notice that your vehicle forces you to turn your wheel to one side to keep it going in a straight line?
  • When you begin to accelerate, does the front end of your vehicle dip down at first?
  • Are you experiencing uneven wear on your tires?
  • Is your vehicle in constant need of an alignment?
  • Do your tie rods need to be frequently replaced or repaired for unknown causes?
  • Do you have problems with sticking brake calipers often?




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