Brake Pads Help Keep a Car In Good Shape

Each time that your vehicle's brakes are activated, a caliper presses against a disc. When the caliper presses against the disc, kinetic energy is converted into heat. The brake pad is there to ensure that the heat is properly absorbed by something other than the caliper or the disc.

The pad itself is made with either a metallic substance or a ceramic material. Ceramic brake pads tend to be used on commercial vehicles or others that are meant for heavy duty tasks. However, they don't necessarily have a longer useful life or other benefits compared to the metallic pads used on most passenger vehicles.

Brake pads can be checked by a professional at Volvo Cars Cape Cod whenever you want or need them to be inspected. A pad's useful life is generally determined by your driving habits, but they can generally last for 30,000 to 70,000 miles.




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