Check Your Surroundings Comfortably in the Volvo S60

In a luxury vehicle like the Volvo S60, even the mirrors are equipped with advanced technology. This popular luxury compact sedan is available at Volvo Cars Cape Cod with dimming mirrors to ensure that your vision is not affected by bright lights behind you.

Drivers in Hyannis will love the dimming side mirrors and rearview mirror. They all contain ambient light sensors that are smart enough to know when bright headlights behind you are being reflected into your eyes. The mirrors will automatically dim. It's a stepless process, so you may not even realize that the mirrors are dimming out. Once the light is gone, the mirrors will revert back to normal.

The rearview mirror in the cabin is also available with a built-in compass. A small digital screen displays the direction that the car is facing. It's located to the right of the mirror and blends in quite well so that it's not obtrusive.



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