Volvo Introduces Keyless Cars

Forgetting your keys is the worst. If you are in a rush and can't find them, it sends you into a tizzy looking everywhere, but with Volvo, a leader in innovation, we have a future where now, you won't have to worry about keys.

The automaker will introduce keyless vehicles on 2017 models. Now, when you stop in and buy or lease a new Volvo from us, you're going to get a set of keys, but thanks to the Volvo app, you can create a digital key that will recognize your phone and settings. You can also share the keys with authorized users on your account, so they can have access to the vehicle if you are away, and don't have set of keys to give them. It is able to lock and unlock the door, and start the push button start to get going. It's as simple as that, and simply put, we don't know how it wasn't thought of sooner.

To learn more about the many technology features we have on Volvo models, stop in and see us at Volvo Cars of Cape Cod. We'd be happy to answer any of your questions for those in Cape Cod, South Shore, and Hyannis, MA, and arrange test drives.

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