Volvo Gets a Charging Lift from Other Vehicles in the XC90

Volvo has been hard at work to make our driving experience better. We already have a good one with our current lineup of new Volvo which provides stellar driving dynamics, safety, and luxury. Volvo hopes to have vehicles that provide even more efficiency, through the power of electric motors and hybrid models, and to demonstrate it, they've gotten other vehicle to help power up the XC90 T8 Hybrid.

Setting up a charging station on a highway, with tracks on the road, when every vehicle passed over it, it sent an electric charge to the XC90. All those vehicles got a personal thank you note from a screen, which even was able to ID the vehicle's brand and color. It was a pretty good way to showcase the power of the hybrid system on the XC90, and we're sure it got some people thinking about that with their next vehicle purchase.

If you're interested in learning more about the XC90 and hybrid technology in the Volvo lineup, contact us here at Volvo Cars of Cape Cod here in Hyannis, MA. We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have, and arrange a test drive.

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